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Step by step repotting houseplants

n which they are planted is consumed over time, and the root of the plant can outgrow the pot.

Các bước thay chậu mới cho cây

áp những thắc mắc đó qua bài viết này.

Hydroculture - Growing plants without soil

known since ancient times.

Rescue a plant from overwatering

onment plants take water from soil and atmosphere but in the conditions of home cultivation plants rely on your help!

How to mix the soil for houseplants?

mixture should be peat moss or coco coir.

Soil types for houseplants

abitat, various houseplants will have different needs in terms of soil type composition, weight, or hairiness of the substrate in which they are planted.

Bắt bệnh cho cây trong nhà

ài bệnh phổ biến và cách điều trị cho cây trong nhà nhé.

How to avoid overwatering your plants

right balance between over watering, under watering, and perfectly watering your plants.

Identify, treat, and prevent common houseplant diseases.

at problem your plant has or how to treat it, here are the answers!

Trồng cây với phương pháp thủy sinh

Why you mist your houseplants

ore difficult for light to be absorbed for photosynthesis.

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